Welcome to One Tree Adventures

Our mission is to empower kids and youth to become more self-aware and empathetic through connecting with self, each other, and the land. Through games, adventures, crafting, and stories, we encourage kids to draw their own conclusions about the outdoor world and empower them to develop their natural curiosity in nature.


In order to continue to support our community to get outside, One Tree is now offered a Nature Detectives At Home Program Guide!  This program will allow you to follow social distancing practices AND have an adventure!

We hope everyone is staying healthy, getting outside, and having an adventure!

Outdoor Programs for Kids in Rossland

Fall - Winter - Spring


Nature Detectives

Ages 2-5

Our original and longest running program focuses on encouraging children to deepen their personal connection with nature.

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Adventure Club

Ages 5-11

Our after school programs are all about having a fun and engaging time in nature.

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Wildfeet Homeschool

Ages 5-11

A ten week program for home learners to develop their connection to nature alongside their peers.

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  • “My kids loved it. I think they enjoyed the freedom to be outside and explore. They also loved the music component. “

    — Parent of Nature Detective participant

  • “Amazing. Loved the outdoor experience, the instructors, everything. My child still talks about it a year later.”

    – Parent of Nature Ninja Summer Camp participant

  • “My daughter was GLOWING after her first camp! She said: best.camp.ever. The facilitators were super friendly & fun. We’ll be back for more adventures! ”

    — Parent of Radical Girls camp participant

  • “Outstanding program. The kids come home tired from playing hard outside no matter the weather. My son loves learning from this program, his favorite thing to do was go hiking. This team is doing an exceptional job. Definitely worth a try. Your kid will love it.”

    — Parent of Earth Tracker participant

Spring and Summer Camps


Nature Ninjas

Ages 4-6

What is a nature ninja? One who is able to move about the forest with stealth and awareness.

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Earth Trackers

Ages 5-9

A camp full of fun and adventure with a focus on wilderness skills, games, plant identification, fort building and much more.

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Radical Girls

Ages 8-13

A camp for girls identified with a focus on self-love, friendship and creativity.

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